A feature film is something like the pinnacle of filmmaking.

Many very talented artists make their contribution to its success, but what's really crucial for the success of a feature film project is storytelling. Unfortunately, Wolfgang Ritzberger has seen many good stories be a failure on screen, but he has hardly ever seen a bad script being turned into a good movie.

First, a sucessful movie requires craftsmanship from all those involved, and that, of course, includes the producer. That means it’s definitely beneficial that Mr. Ritzberger himself has extensive experience in the technical side of film-making, and even today he can still be found behind the camera or at the cutting table. He is also trained as an actor and studied economics.

Second, being creative helps. Nothing really works without new and creative ideas. Therefore the challenge is to come up with something new repeatedly, whether it is arts or business-related.

Third, everything depends on the staging, but not just of the movie itself, it's also important to set the stage for the movie. The point is that it should not only be the director who can stage himself and his movie; the producer too, should be able to stage his movie well. This sounds almost too simple, but that’s the way it is. And that’s the reason why not everyone can do this – because it is that simple, or it seems to be that simple.

Documentaries have developed into a film genre of their own.

Recently documentaries are being produced explicitly for cinema showings. Just like a feature film, a documentary tells a thrilling story, portrays remarkable people, and can lead us to galaxies where no one has been before. The only difference is that those stories, those people, and those places are real and not fictitious. Ideally, documentaries are as fascinating as feature films, with the audience being captivated by impressive scenes, touching destinies, and exciting personalities.


The Austrian woman who was the First Lady of Korea

Feature Film

Franziska Donner was an Austrian woman who was the First Lady of Korea, a feature film about her astonishing life and her reputation as First Lady.


Kill Mozart

Feature Film

World-famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart never existed, was just a PR instrument of the Salzburg archbishop, Kill Mozart - a thrilling scavenger hunt.




H:EART:H documents the first time five indigenous elders from Colombia meet, accompanied by a camera team that has earned their trust over the years.

Die Beste aller Welten

The best of all worlds

Feature Film

The Best of all Worlds - The true story of a drug-addict mother, her child‘s adventurous world, and their love for one another.


The last days of mankind


A film-essay about the frightening parallels between the time before WW1, and the Russia-Ukraine conflict of the present, illustrated by scenes from the play The Last Days of Mankind by Karl Kraus.




What can we believe, what should we believe and what are we allowed to believe? - the topic: Hemp, or rather „Cannabusiness“, as the americans call it.




Glänzend is a documentary about the First Austrian Glanzstoff Factory in St. Pölten, an already closed plant of the market leader "Glanzstoff Group".


Graf Sascha

Feature Film

Graf Sascha is a Feature Film about the Austrian film pioneer Sascha Kolowrat-Krakowsky who was the founder of the Austrian Filmindustry.


Der Raxkönig

Feature Film

The King of the Rax (Der Raxkönig) is a feature film about the true story of Georg Hubmer, who made the impossible possible and entered Austrian history.