The journalist Jessica Mons, who is working for the French channel "Canal du Monde" reports from Vienna about the Thursday demonstrations against the government in Vienna. While Jessica is standing in front of the camera, a car suddenly explodes behind her - numerous people die and Vienna suddenly becomes the center of international attention. Since the footage with Jessica is the only professional footage where the explosion is clearly visible, Jessica is soon to be featured in all news around the globe.


Only short after, Jessica receives a letter from Matthias Haibl, the president of the Society for the Research of the Murder of Mozart, who was killed by the explosion. He had previously written a letter to Jessica saying that he wanted to give the journalist an understanding of the research of his society and the related theses about Mozart. But now he is dead and Jessica is beginning to take an interest in the subject of who killed Mozart.


Things go out of hand when several interview partners of Jessica in Vienna and Prague die a violent death after the interview, until the police starts to become suspicious of Jessica. The truth, which seems to be revealed to her: Mozart never existed, the prince archbishop of Salzburg had properly cast the child prodigies, Mozart and his sister, and sent them on a "lecture tour" through Europe as a PR gag. The aim was to make Salzburg a world capital of culture.

Jessica slowly realizes that what happened in Salzburg 250 years ago is bigger than she could have imagined. But who will believe her?