The film documents the first time five people met indigenous elders from different regions of Colombia, who live up to the reputation of their Follow ancestors and set out on a journey to the “heart of the earth”, accompanied by a camera team that has earned their trust over the years.


Instead of realizing paradise on earth, humanity creates an image the hell. We pollute our air, our waters and our soils. we live in a fear-based society rather than one based on "love". It gives a great lack of respect not only to one another but also towards every form of life around us. There are still societies like some indigenous tribes in Colombia whose way of life has a deep understanding of spiritual and practical methods involves maintaining the natural order in the
Keep balance. This documentary shows the journey together of four indigenous elders different parts of Colombia in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, where is "The heart of the earth" is located. Following the voices of their ancestors cross them the contrasting landscape of Colombia, between intact natural wonders and the devastating consequences of industrialization. They practice their rituals and exchange ideas on cultural, economic and social matters. At the The end of their journey is the encounter with the fifth elder: one of this kind and unprecedented urgency unites the five tribal leaders in theirs Mission the "heart of the earth" with their given spiritual abilities from the to cure infected diseases. If this succeeds, it would be the go well all over the world. At first glance, this point of view seems strange. However, let's pull the latest research in relation to the worldwide Approaching air circulation, we see an intense exchange of this huge Mountain range with Europe.