Very Nice

Fourteen years ago, when Sacha Baron Cohen first put on the Borat swimsuit, the mankini, and surprised the film world with investigative research by a Kazakh TV reporter in the US and A, Kazakhstan wanted to sue the actor and his production company.

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The Kazakhs did not want to look like that in front of the world.
But the big astonishment for the former Soviet satellite state of Russia began shortly after, while the film went around the world. Interest in Kashstan increased. Tourist arrivals increased by a staggering 600,000 and the number of visas applied for increased by 1000%. More than 30 million people saw the film and the increase in tourism in Kazakhstan stabilized at 45% in the 5 years after the film's release. "It was a great triumph for us, I am grateful to Borat for helping to attract tourists to Kazakhstan" said Foreign Minister Yerzhan Kazykhanov in 2012.

The sequel produced with Amazon and released a few days ago, still Borat is on the road in the "US and A", however, after he had to spend some time at home in a prison, the "real" Kazakhs released an extensive advertising campaign about Kazakhstan as a tourist destination under the title "very nice".
Obviously you can't buy humor, here is the link to the movies on youtube;

 Flash mob with the Borat swimsuits, the mankinis, in November 2017 in Astana, the Kazakh capital, which in 2019 will be renamed "Nur-Sultan", after the resigned President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

In the second part, shot quietly and with great fanfare, Cohen again pokes fun at America, this time Donald Trump's America. He doesn't take aim at, among others, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence and the former New York mayor who can now call himself Trumop's lawyer, Rudolpg Giuliani - he outright parades them. There is no theatrical release this time, Amazon-prime shows the new opus online.

 This also upsets the strategy of some local promoters, who in most cases have assumed that they will only promote films that somehow have a direct tourist impact. When, ideally, the respective provincial governor as Kirtagskönigin in a leading role. It's not quite that bad, but almost. In some federal states, this promotion is not part of the culture department, but rather part of the tourism department.
The example of Borat shows that this simple reference doesn't really always work out, on the contrary: bad film is good film should be the motto now.

The study on the connection between tourism and film, written by the specialists for economic considerations in matters of film, "paul und collegen - Wien und Berlin", clearly shows the connection. TV productions produced in Austria and broadcast in Germany reached a combined audience of nearly 500 million viewers in our larger neighbor between 2014 and 2018. Major international productions shot in Austria during this period, including Mission Impossible 5 or James Bond - Spectre, were seen by more than 220 moviegoers worldwide. Calculating the advertising value of this is one thing (according to paul &collegen, it makes about 250 million euros per year - compared to the advertising value of the New Year's Concert, which is broadcast worldwide, of calculated 35 million), but concrete effects are another. The region "Wilder Kaiser", where the 130 episodes of "Bergdoktor" were filmed, recorded an average of 27% more summer guests (that is 280,000 guests). But success does not happen by itself, as two statements show:
"The trust we were able to build with the production even before a decision was made on the filming location was very important." (Jakob Falkner, Managing Director Bergbahnen Sölden)
"The success happened, we actively made the decision to support the 'Bergdoktor'. The decisive success factor was the fact that we negotiated the real place names into it." (Lukas Krösslhuber, Wilder Kaiser Tourism Association)
That and a proactive concept of using the series to promote the tourism region were necessary for this.
The same applies to Tyrol, which for years has actively relied on so-called Bollywood films, which in turn find the mountain backdrop very attractive. The number of tourists from India has increased by 76%.
From this point of view, "very nice" has potential in Kazakhstan.

Postscript: even the 3rd Man, the crime film from 1949 and the musical kitsch "Sound of Music" still attract thousands of visitors to the filming locations or the "3rd Man - Canal Tour" in Vienna, which has been taking place for almost 20 years.