The company’s founder, Wolfgang Ritzberger, has been working in the movie industry since his school days when he got the chance to work as an extra on the set of The Prisoner of Zenda with Peter Sellers, bringing him into contact with the legendary Wien-Film for the first time. The costumes were stored at the Schwechaterhof on Landstraße which is now a shopping centre, and shooting took place at locations in Schönbrunn Palace and the Votiv church. Shortly afterwards he worked on the set as a microphone assistant for a TV advert (produced by CP Film).

Producing a movie is a very complex activity, bringing together many different artists and creatives to realize the ideas of the screenwriter and the director which are then hopefully received by an enthusiastic audience. The road is long and often rocky because there is too much movie for the little funding that can be raised. In a nutshell, practically no movies in Europe are financed at the box office. Consequently, the entire profession is dependent on film support and broadcasting companies.

Wolfgang Ritzberger: “I’m grateful that I’ve been able to turn my passion into my profession, and that I’ve been allowed to realize my dream of making movies. It has been a marathon, and the cemetery of unrealized projects, usually the victims of funding problems, is a big one. But this is true not only here in Austria, it’s the same all over the world. Therefore I’m always grateful when it works out, firstly, because I also have to make a living from this profession, and, secondly, because then the creativity and considerable work already invested in the project is not lost.”